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What's this all about? It's all about New Years resolutions.

I often hear people say, "my New Years resolution is to get fitter", or "spend more time with my family", or "lose some weight". None of these really mean anything as they are not specific enough. Now, if your New Years resolution was to run three miles in under 20 minutes or spend every Wednesday playing football with the kids and so on, then you have a specific target. Specific targets mean a lot more than wooly ill defined ones. Targets have to be well defined.

The other annoying characteristic of New Years resolutions is that they almost always involve some form of improving yourself or the world in general. It usually involves hard work and inconvenience. I believe this is why most New Years reolutions fail.

By now you should be getting the idea of what this is all about. In 2010, Pete and I decided our New Years resolutions would be to eat 12 KFCs thus averaging one per month. It has a well defined target, it does not invlove hardship and it does not involve improvement of any kind (with the possible exception of the improvement of the Good Colonel's profits).

This year, John and James have joined us and this web site tracks our progress

You might have heard that in previous years my New Years resolutions have included: not running the London Marathon; and eating 52 chicken dhansaks (an average of one per week). What you heard was true.

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