Working part-time means that my weekends are longer than most other people who get paid every day. It also gives me a lot of time to think about things whilst sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee and watching daytime TV. The things I think about are really only of interest to me, probably, but I think about them anyway.

My football team, Leeds United, provides both joy and grief in equal measure. Recently, I noticed that it was hard to assess how well Leeds United was doing just by looking at the league table so I created a different way to look at league tables. Ironically, it works quite well for F1 Racing tables too. Then I got carried away and did rugby and cricket.

For several years, I used to track the distance between Premier League football manager's birth places and the location of the teams they managed. It really is an international business as you can see on the Manager Distance pages.

I used to eat a lot of fast food when I worked in London. A few of us used to visit KFC regularly in the Plaza on Oxford Street. How may KFCs did I used to eat per year? Why not track it and make a New Year's Resolution of it? The KFC tracking site runs every few years. It's resting at the moment.

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