Almost all the information was obtained from wikipedia, which is mostly accurate.

Sometimes the information is obviously wrong. I was born in Leeds. If you search for the latitude and longitude of Leeds, the location given is on the road outside the Town Hall. That's useful for locating the centre of Leeds but I was not born on the road outside the Town Hall. In fact, I was born much nearer to Elland Road than that.

Sometimes the published information does not agree with reality. As an example, if you look up Tim Sherwood (former Blackburn Rovers captain) most sources of information state he was born in St. Albans whereas if you talk to his sister (I used to work with her) she will tell you he was born in Bushey near Watford. I would guess she knows where her big brother was born. When Tim Sherwood became Tottenham manager in December 2013, I had to decide which location to use. I decided to go with the inside information. I might try to contact his sister again and find out if the exact location was Watford General Hospital.

I will try to get better information by emailing the clubs but historically, the clubs have not been forthcoming. Only Fulham has been polite enough to reply to my email enquiry and that was when Roy Hodgson was in charge. If you have more accurate information, please contact me via the Contact me page.

League Table of Distances

This is how the league would look if it was based on the distance between the manager and the stadium.

Team Manager Distance (km)

Note: interim managers are not included.