I have owned a Technics PX30 digital piano for over 20 years. Over that time is has given me great service but recently, I noticed a lot of distortion when the volume was turned up and especially on the electric piano settings. With headphones, there was no distortion at all and the sound was much clearer and crisp. That meant a problem with the power amplifier or the speaker drivers.

I decided to dismantle the PX30 to see what might be causing the problem but that was not as easy as I had thought. I spent quite some time searching for people who had dismantled the PX30 but found nothing for that particular model.

After a few hours of removing screws, seeing what was loose, hearing clanking noises inside as mounted parts fell off, regretting removing screws, I finally managed to get inside. In the end, I only needed have removed four screws.

As I could not find any information about how to disassemble the PX30, I thought I would post the information to the web with images in the hope that it might save somebody else an hour or two of investigation.

Something else that's hard to find is the original manuals. As I have both, I scanned the english section for the user manual and midi manual. I hope Technics don't mind I have reproduced their material.

Start here with opening the PX30